Private Marketplace discussion guide

A Discussion Guide for Private Marketplaces

As programmatic premium takes off, many publishers and advertisers see private marketplaces (PMPs) as a smart buying model. For PMPs to succeed buyers and sellers must think and act as partners, and their relationship should be based on transparency. This discussion guide offers specific topics that buyers and sellers should discuss as they negotiate private deals.

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Mobile Programmatic Playbook

Introducing the Multi-Device Landscape

Your consumer is a single person, constantly consulting with multiple screens for overlapping content. So, what does this mean for advertisers and publishers looking to optimise storytelling across devices? Download this whitepaper now for insights on: The rapid growth of the multi-device landscape The technological devices that are driving this The benefits and challenges facing […]

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Selling In A Programmatic World

Buying and selling digital media through programmatic channels is not a passing trend. It is quickly becoming a staple and it is only likely to grow as greater numbers of marketers pursue the efficiencies and transparency that programmatic offers. This Forrester report examines the attitudes and practices of publishers who actively sell their ad inventory through programmatic channels.

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A Publisher’s Guide to Growing Online Ad Revenue

For publishers to earn what their inventory is really worth, they need a platform that enhances their ability to develop a coherent revenue strategy, get the best price for their inventory, and increase efficiencies. This paper explores the changes publishers should implement to grow revenue and maximize yield.

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When Device Recognition and Programmatic Buying Intersect

For marketers to make the most of mobile they need to deal with a number of challenges: issues of addressability, attribution, ad format, how to recognize and reach audiences programmatically. This paper, written jointly with AdTruth, describes how mobile RTB – enabled by a new approach to device identification – addresses these challenges.

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Ad Exchange vs. Ad Network: How Do They Compare?

Web publishers have a wide choice of different ad networks to partner with to generate ad revenue. Recently, ad exchanges have emerged as an alternative channel to sell publishers’ online advertising space. This whitepaper explains what an ad exchange is, how it differs from an ad network, and explores the advantages that an ad exchange has over an ad network.

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Programmatic + Premium: Current Practices and Future Trends

Trading online advertising programmatically may either be the path to strategically applying technology to create a more perfect marketplace for both buyers and sellers – or a threat to publishers’ businesses. OpenX and Digiday analyze the current online advertising practice of programmatic trading and predict future trends.

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