The School of Programmatic

Programmatic advertising is increasing in influence, with such rapidity that many media professionals, even the most experienced, admit it’s hard to keep up.

In order to understand the knowledge gaps across the programmatic community, OpenX has undertaken extensive research. From trading room to boardroom, all of the programmatic professionals we’ve spoken with recognise the need for further education.


To help with this, OpenX is inviting all members of the programmatic world to meet together and reach the same page. It doesn’t matter how little or how much you know about digital advertising; the School of Programmatic sessions will give you the knowledge to get ahead right now.

Every professional who attends will benefit, because everyone will learn to speak the same language. Acronyms will make sense and knowledge gaps will be filled. The concepts and technologies that once seemed opaque will be explained in easy-to-understand, accessible layers.


  • Decipher the confusing language, terms and acronyms
  • Open the mysterious black box of programmatic trading
  • Explore the technology stack and landscape, and how this jigsaw comes together
  • Learn how to tackle fraud and non-human traffic
  • Look at how best to collect and use data
  • Check which metrics to use to measure the impact of programmatic on campaigns and yields


The School offers sessions for everyone in the advertising industry, both supply side and demand side, including:

  • Publishers

  • App Developers
  • Media Agencies
  • Trading Desks
  • Media Services
  • Advertising Agencies

There will be topics for each group independently and co-ed sessions, too. Our research has overwhelmingly identified a need for all parts of the advertising value chain to work together to better understand and utilise the opportunities available through programmatic advertising.

The School of Programmatic is completely FREE to attend “maximum 2 registrations per company”. You will also receive a complimentary subscription to the online resource which will be available later in the year.

Tune into the #SchoolofProgrammatic hashtag. View the School of Programmatic photo album and watch the video:


2016 Curriculum

19th January

The Core Concepts of Programmatic

Audience: Publishers, App Developers, Trading Desks, Media Services, Advertisers, Agencies.

What you’ll learn:
  • Building common Language: the ABCs
  • Exploring the market place: ad networks, exchanges, programmatic direct
  • Introducing the data explosion
  • Understanding the differences between buying and selling models (RTB, Direct, PMP)
  • Developing operational technology skills for demand and supply side
Content presented by:
  • Andrew Buckman, MD Europe, OpenX
  • Tom O’Donnell, Head of Advertising Strategy, Gumtree

16th February

Programmatic on the Go

Audience: Publishers, App Developers, Trading Desks, Media Services, Advertisers, Agencies.

What you’ll learn:
  • Planning for cross device campaigns: mobile, tablets and wearables
  • Programmatic Buying Considerations Unique to Mobile
  • Exploring the best mobile ad formats
  • Building apps into your media mix
  • Measurements & KPI’s
Content presented by:
  • Justin Re, Director of Mobile, OpenX
  • Stephanie Emmanouel, General Manager, Somo
  • Jason Cooper, GM Mobile, Integral Ad Science
  • Yoni Argama, VP Marketing & Business Strategy, Inneractive

11th March

Strategies for Success: Supply Side

Audience: Publishers

What you’ll learn:
  • Understanding revenue, pricing and yield optimisation strategies
  • Getting to grips with inventory pricing: remnant vs premium
  • How to better manage your inventory
  • Using data to deliver impact while protecting your IP
  • Reporting on campaign performance
  • Audience extensions – what/how/why
  • What technologies do I need to use and why?
  • Pan-regional campaigns and performance
Content presented by:
  • Qasim Saifee, SVP Monetisation, OpenX
  • Dean Akinjobi, CEO / Owner, Football Media

14th April

Fundamentals of Money & Measurement

Audience: Publishers, App Developers, Trading Desks,
Media Services, Advertisers, Agencies.

What you’ll learn:
  • The Programmatic World According to Advertisers
  • Revenue & Measuring Performance
  • Setting Objectives
  • Measuring Performance
  • Choosing the Right Partner
Content presented by:
  • John Harvey, Director Partner Services, OpenX
  • Fiona McKinnon, Founder of Turn Left Digital and GM of The Pangaea Alliance
  • James Bourner, Head Of Display, Jellyfish
  • Ben Price, Head of Commercial Operations, Future Publishing

12th May

Selling Models for Publishers

Audience: Publishers

What you’ll learn:
  • Integrating programmatic within your direct sales organisation: ensuring not to cannibalise existing accounts
  • The inventory conundrum: remnant versus premium
  • Establishing effective pricing models: CPMs, eCPMs, CPC, RPMs and how to increase revenues
  • Defining ‘viewability’ metrics
  • Understanding yield and revenue optimisation
  • Scaling programmatic for niche publishers
  • Programmatic Best Practice: Case Studies for Supply Side
Content presented by:
  • Richard Ottoy, Commercial Director UK, OpenX
  • Steph Miller, Head of Media Sales, Zoopla
  • Paul Astbury, Publisher Solutions Business Development Director, Integral Ad Science

14th June

Strategies for Success: Demand Side

Audience: Trading Desks, Media Services, Advertisers, Agencies.

What you’ll learn:
  • People based marketing
  • Attracting direct budgets to RTB
  • Viewability
  • New Formats for programmatic advertisers
  • Brand safe and fraud free advertising environments
Content presented by:
  • Ian Davidson, VP, Global Platform Demand, OpenX
  • Dave Mallon - UK Agency Sales Director, Integral Ad Science
  • Chris Bland - Consulting Lead, Havas Media
  • Danny Spears - Head of Response+, The Guardian

20th September

The Need for Speed - Publisher Latency

Join OpenX for a workshop on The Need for Speed - Publisher Latency.

Audience: Publishers

What you’ll learn:
  • 4 Elements that Impact Page Load
  • Header Bidding from a Speed Engineer's Perspective
  • Demystifying AMP
  • Key Take-aways for Publishers
Content presented by:
  • Caleb Sotelo, Lead Engineer & Director of OpenX Labs, OpenX
  • Sherzod Rizaev, Global Head of Commercial Operations, Minute Media
  • Adib Razzaq, Head of Programmatic, ESI Media
  • Anthony Hitchings, Digital Advertising Operations Director, Financial Times

18th October

The Evolution of Header Bidding

Join us as we explore the rapid evolution of header-bidding - what the challenges have been to date and what opportunities lie ahead. Taking a closer look at the initial client-side container solutions that operate on the browser to the more sophisticated server-side solutions. We will explain how correct implementation of these tools leads to greater portability of exchange partners, operational efficiency, reduced latency, and increased performance.

Audience: Publishers, advertisers, agencies

What you’ll learn:
  • The evolution of header bidding - past challenges and future opportunities
  • Implementation of tools
  • Achieving operational efficiency
  • Reducing latency and increasing performance
Content presented by:
  • Tegdeep Kondal, Product Director for Header Bidding, OpenX

15th November

A New Currency for Measuring Quality: Viewability (and Fraud Guarantee)

The School of Programmatic completes its 2016 curriculum with an informative workshop, A new currency for measuring quality: viewability (and fraud guarantee).

Viewability – whether an ad is seen by the user or not – is fast becoming the most popular indicator of campaign performance. But viewability, and other measures of engagement such as cost-per-hour (CPH), are also helping to overcome the ad blocking challenge by driving higher ad quality and guaranteeing fraud-safe environments.

Join us as we explore how viewability has become the new currency for measuring ad quality and user experience, and the impact this will have on the prevalence of ad blocking.

Audience: Publishers, advertisers, agencies

What you’ll learn:
  • Stay tuned for further details.
Content presented by:
  • Robert Perine, Senior Product Manager, OpenX
  • Paul De La Nougerede, Commercial Product Director, The Telegraph
  • Julia Smith, General Manager, Symmachia
  • Orly Tsesis, Head of Demand Europe, Inneractive
  • Paul Nasse, UK Commercial Director, Integral Ad Science
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