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Three Sides to Viewability

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 at 11am PDT

Explore the effects and challenges of viewability on the marketplace from three different perspectives within the digital ad ecosystem: advertisers, publishers and third-party providers. The following webinar was hosted in partnership with OpenX, Integral Ad Science and Quantcast.

Driving Higher Yields with the new OpenX SSP

Learn how OpenX can deliver higher yields for publishers with a groundbreaking approach to SSPs.  With our Demand Fusion technology, the new OpenX SSP effectively combines RTB and network buyers to increase competition and maximize the value of each and every available impression.

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OpenX whitepapers are designed to educate all users of ad servers, from startups to seasoned professionals.

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Private Marketplace discussion guide

A Discussion Guide for Private Marketplaces

As programmatic premium takes off, many publishers and advertisers see private marketplaces (PMPs) as a smart buying model. For PMPs to succeed buyers and sellers must think and act as partners, and their relationship should be based on transparency. This discussion guide offers specific topics that buyers and sellers should discuss as they negotiate private deals.

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November 15, 2016

School of Programmatic: A New Currency for Measuring Quality: Viewability (and Fraud Guarantee)

School of Programmatic UK
The School of Programmatic completes its 2016 curriculum with an informative workshop, A new currency for measuring quality: viewability (and fraud guarantee).

Viewability – whether an ad is seen by the user or not – is fast becoming the most popular indicator of campaign performance. But viewability, and other measures of engagement such as cost-per-hour (CPH), are also helping to overcome the ad blocking challenge by driving higher ad quality and guaranteeing fraud-safe environments.

Join us as we explore how viewability has become the new currency for measuring ad quality and user experience, and the impact this will have on the prevalence of ad blocking.

Speakers include:

  • Robert Perine, Senior Product Manager, OpenX
  • Paul De La Nougerede, Commercial Product Director, The Telegraph
  • Julie Smith, General Manager, Symmachia
  • Orly Tsesis, Head of Demand Europe, Inneractive
  • Paul Nasse, UK Commercial Director, Integral Ad Science

For more information, visit the School of Programmatic website.

September 20, 2016

School of Programmatic: The Need for Speed – Publisher Latency

The School of Programmatic is Back!

SOP logoOpenX is excited to host our “back to school” School of Programmatic session to discuss “The Need for Speed – Publisher Latency.” Join us as we explore the four main elements that impact page load and how you, as a publisher, can optimise for speed.

Why is speed top of mind now? The recent rise of container solutions, header bidding and the shift to mobile have created competition for web and app resources required to quickly load a page, making it critical for the entire online advertising ecosystem to solve for speed and mitigate latency. 

There will also be a panel with: Sherzod Rizaev, Global Head of Commercial Operations, Minute Media; Adib Razzaq, Head of Programmatic, ESI Media and Anthony Hitchings, Digital Advertising Operations Director, Financial Times (moderated by Caleb Sotelo, Lead Engineer & Director of OpenX Labs, OpenX).

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