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The OpenX Ad Server

Manage and optimise all your ad campaigns across desktop, mobile, tablet and TV

  • Maximise yield from all your digital advertising through one single ad platform
  • Consolidate inventory management including display, mobile, email and video
  • Sell valuable audience segments to advertisers for a premium price
  • Have full control over what ads appear on your site
  • Forecast your future available advertising space and price accordingly
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The OpenX RTB Ad Exchange

Reach the world’s top advertisers, agencies, DSPs, and ad networks through a global ad exchange where you’ll trade with real-time bidders to get higher CPMs and increase yield.

  • Maximise your overall ad yield when all digital advertising buyers compete in a super auction
  • Sell 100% of your digital advertising inventory
  • Increase control of who buys your ads and what categories of ads are run, by using whitelist and blacklist controls
  • Set minimum prices for your digital advertising space so only bids above it are accepted
  • View detailed reports covering who buys your inventory, and what they paid for it
  • Get started fast through any ad server, or simply adding a tag to your site
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The OpenX SSP

Maximise the value of your inventory with industry-first Demand Fusion technology, which effectively combines competition from network and RTB buyers in a single auction to deliver higher CPMs and yield.

  • Increase your bottom line with proprietary technology that truly fuses multiple demand channels to boost competition for each and every impression
  • Protect your brand with multi-layered safeguards for ad quality monitoring
  • Gain actionable insights with robust, customisable reports backed by performance trends
  • Efficiently manage multiple demand channels to sell across connected screens
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