Demand Fusion Technology

Supply-Side Platform

The OpenX SSP maximises the full value of your inventory using Demand Fusion Technology.

Our industry-first Demand Fusion technology allows network and real-time buyers to bid on impressions simultaneously only selecting the buyer that offers the highest CPM for each impression.

  • Increase your bottom line using technology that simultaneously fuses ad network and RTB demand channels to boost competition for each and every impression
  • Filter, review and block unwanted ads quickly and easily
  • Instant access to insightful reports to see how demand channels are buying by ad unit.


How does it work?


OpenX’s CRO Jason Fairchild explains to CEO of ExchangeWire Ciaran O’Kane how Demand Fusion works


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Why work with OpenX?

Unique Demand Fusion Technology

  • Our patent-pending technology transforms yield optimisation through intelligent auction mechanics and browser-side decisioning
  • Effectively fuses RTB and network demand to increase price competition, minimise¬†impression loss and deliver maximum value for each impression

Advanced Ad Quality Tools

  • Protect your brand with a comprehensive, multi-layered system for ad quality monitoring that includes automated malware protection
  • Proactively filter, review, and block unwanted ads with publisher tools

Custom Reporting and Insight

  • Make informed decisions based on performance trends and actionable insights
  • Configure and customise reports across numerous metrics and attributes



How can OpenX help grow your business?

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