Change The Way You Sell Your Online Advertising

Ad Server

An indispensable tool for any publisher wanting to optimise income through advertising on their website.

  • Easily manage and optimise all your ad campaigns across desktop, mobile and tablets
  • Accurately track the number of impressions and clicks delivered by each campaign
  • Target specific segments by geographical or behavioral targeting
  • Have full control over what ads appear on your site and when
  • Forecast your future available advertising space and plan and price accordingly.
  • Access real time reports to show how specific advertisers/campaigns are performing

How does an ad server work?



Manage all your inventory on one single platform

  • Manage all demand channels (direct and indirect) and campaigns (display, mobile, video) from a single, integrated ad server
  • Leverage the OpenX RTB ad exchange with SSP to maximise revenue
  • Benefit from OpenX’s publisher focused, independent ad delivery solution

Easy to integrate with any Ad Exchange or CRM platform 

  • Customise and localise an intuitive user interface
  • Integrate your business systems (like SalesForce) through our open API
  • Operate under your sub-domain (1st party) to prevent 3rd party cookie blocking
  • Combine 3rd party data with your in-house data to sell to targeted audiences

24/7 Global Support

  • Every OpenX client receives a dedicated deployment and support team which they can access 24/7



How can OpenX help grow your business?

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