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Private Mobile Exchange



What is a Private Exchange?

A Private Ad Exchange is a customised, invitation-only marketplace where app developers/digital publishers make their inventory and audiences available to a select group of buyers.

Why work with OpenX? 

OpenX has partnered with the mobile ad network Airpush to launch AirX, a new private mobile ad exchange combining OpenX’s real-time bidding (RTB) exchange with Airpush’s vast ad network. The partnership creates one of the largest pools of mobile apps that can be accessed programmatically.

With the combination of Airpush’s scale and OpenX’s innovative private exchange capabilities and multiscreen media buyers, AirX provides advertisers with access to billions of mobile impressions across approximately 30 percent of the worldwide Android installation base.

We are also proud to have partnered with Samsung Electronics to power Samsung AdHub’s Global Private Mobile Ad Exchange. The partnership created the first mobile private exchange formed by one of the world’s leading digital device manufacturers and is part of Samsung AdHub’s vision to provide sophisticated solutions for advertisers.

The result is that advertisers are able to reach their marketing goals with greater precision and ease, and Samsung Electronics and its mobile developers can have greater control over the quality of the ads appearing due to the closed marketplace environment. Users will also benefit from more relevant, high quality ads as part of their mobile browsing experience.

How Samsung’s Private Mobile Ad Exchange Works





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