Quality Inventory. Massive Scale.

  • "Our partnership with OpenX has provided TURN access to quality inventory reach and scale for our buyers."

    Global Partner Marketing Manager at TURN

Ad Exchange

Instant access to premium publishers and global audiences

Reach only the people you want to reach quickly and cost effectively using the OpenX Real Time Bidding Ad Exchange

Our technology offers accurate targeting and reporting capabilities and can be accessed easily via a self-service account or a real-time bidding integration.

How does it work?

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Why Work With OpenX?

Get Priority Access To Online Audiences

  • Get priority access to premium audiences before they reach other online advertising exchanges
  • Direct integration with a publishers’ ad server, which provides “first look” opportunities.
  • Contractual agreements with leading publishers to help maximise revenue for their unsold inventory.

Trade in in a safe and controlled environment

In 2013 we launched our groundbreaking real-time traffic quality monitoring system. We have a in-house team of people who oversee the system, including a highly experienced group of data scientists, quality analysts and developers.

This state-of-the-art system uses automated, real-time processes to quickly identify and filter out suspicious traffic, providing advertisers with a secure environment in which to purchase ad inventory.

How do we monitor our traffic quality?

Brand Safety – is it a safe website?
Consideration of the content quality and context appearing next to the ad

Viewability – is the ad seen?
Tracking and measurement of the position of ads on publisher pages

Fraud Detection – is it real?
Monitoring of non-human traffic resulting from traffic fraud designed to manipulate ad-serving counts.


Does it work?

According to Integral Ad Science, OpenX performs significantly better than average when it comes to Brand Safety and Suspicious Activity (Fraud)




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How do I get started?

Getting started is simple. Below are two options:

1. AXB Self-Serve Account

Get started quickly with your own Ad Exchange for Buyers account.

  • Define your target audience and set a bid for each campaign
  • No serving cost or tech fees
  • Pay by credit card or invoice

2. Real-time Bidding via API

Integrate your own bidding technology with OpenX Ad Exchange using our open APIs.



How can OpenX help grow your business?

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